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B10 - itr

Preparation and implementation of occupational safety and health standards

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ITR " "
2018 :

Preparation and implementation of occupational safety and health standards

Preparation and drafting of security reports and security inspection skills

Safety and Security Management Process Engineering in FPS

Occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with the standards of the American OSHA OSHA

The leadership of the fire and rescue operations and rapid intervention

Security Analysis and construction of the security system for important sites

Fire Safety and Prevention Engineering Fire

Safety risk management and loss prevention engineering

Preparation of emergency plans and crisis teams and efficiency in the management of evictions

Excellence professional administrators Industrial Security and Safety

International public Alneboh for Occupational Safety and Health NEBOSH

Advanced treatment methods in risk assessment and management

Advanced skills in writing security reports

Advanced Strategies in the security crisis management and negotiation skills

Maintenance according to the concept of value engineering

OSHA OSHA in the Occupational Safety and Health

Fire fighting and prevention of hazards and how to handle them

Recent trends in the prevention of industrial accidents

Safety engineering projects and the construction of the risk of fires and accidents

Security and occupational health and safety

Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment

Inspection and review of the foundations of the safety work

Recent trends in excellence and innovation leader for security and safety managers

Advanced techniques for planning, designing emergency plans

Develop and raise the efficiency of security systems, safety and the implementation of quality standards

Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and the preparation of operational plans

Security crises and negotiating skills of the security management

Advanced systems for the security of industrial and technical investigation of occupational accidents

Environmental systems and technology to control environmental pollution management

Security architecture to secure important and sensitive planning and emergency management organizations

Department of Food Safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - HACCP

Human errors and mechanisms to avoid analysis

International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

Modern technology in safety and risk analysis

Rating supervisors safety performance, according to OSHA standards

Standards and international standards for specialists NFPA fire safety and avoid losses and industrial security

NFPA standards for occupational safety

Intensive program on occupational safety and health, according to the specifications of OSHA & NFPA

The use of geographic maps in GIS applications

Modern techniques for automated computer systems maintenance management

Environmental systems and technology to control environmental pollution management

Ways of securing health and safety in the workplace

The development of cognitive skills and safe access to tight spaces

Security mechanisms to deal with the processing and lifting scaffolding

Safety measures in the ways and in the home office

The development of screening equipment lifting skills

Safety and risk management techniques

Optimal training in safety management

The most important risk bustling business environment and ways to avoid them

Advanced management of security and safety

The foundations of occupational safety in the workshop and warehouse

The risk of extremely cold liquids and methods used in processed

Crisis management strategy

The safety of electrical installations in industrial plants

The development of practical skills and technology for security officers in all establishments

The most important means to avoid the risk of radiation

Identify ways of first aid in the workplace

Introducing H2S and how to avoid risks

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Training Coordinator : Salmeen Mohamed

Mob & Whatsapp : 002 01149576420

Email : : salmeen@itregy.com

Marketing Website : Courses Guide

Main Website : International Training Resort -ITR


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