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2013 Weather Watcher Live 7.1.69

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.69

Weather Watcher Live 7.1.69 | 5.2 Mb

The new version of Weather Watcher Live - a unique design, which is a portable Windows-meteorological station, operating in real time. The program performs the basic meteofunktsii, such as the weather forecast for the nearest hour, week, month. There is also a siren to warn you about coming weather changes ...

The program has a navigation map of the world, in the base which takes into account thousands of cities worldwide. Well-balanced interface allows you to manage the program and receive all the necessary information a few clicks of the mouse buttons. The uniqueness of the program is manifested in the fact that it creates a wallpaper showing the full real-time information about weather in any city.

Main opportunities:

* "Getting the weather forecast from the most authoritative international weather stations
* "The base of cities, which includes a list of several thousand titles
* "Show weather changes in real time
* "The system 24 / 7 (24 hours / 7 days a week)
* "Warnings about the changes of weather
* "Added 700 meteokart
* "Easy access to weather video and still images
* "Support for skins and plug-ins for visualization
* "Fully customizable view icons in the tray
* "Technology double icons for more information on mobile
* "Support for proxy

Automatically retrieve the current conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast, detailed forecast, severe weather alerts, and weather maps for over 77,000 cities world-wide. The current conditions can be quickly viewed by holding your mouse pointer over the Weather Watcher system tray icon. Weather Watcher will allow you to automatically retrieve your weather data at a set interval, display the current temperature in a customized tray icon, display the current condition image in a tray icon, designate which weather information is displayed in the Weather Watcher system tray tooltip, convert the weather data using almost any conversion, display a weather map as your desktop wallpaper, log the weather data in any format, export the weather data in any format, customize the look of the Weather Watcher interface and icons via skins, and much more.

Top Features:

* See What's Ahead
Extensive daily & hourly forecasts help you plan for today and the week ahead.
* Real Time Updates
The fluid interface refreshes itself in real time as new weather information is available.
* Several Weather Sources
Connect to NWS weather stations, real time WeatherBug weather stations or weather stations from the WeatherBug Backyard network.
* Timely Alert Notifications
Stay on top of weather, hydrologic and climate alerts as issued by the National Weather Service.
* Weather Maps Galore
Browse through hundreds of maps or add your own from your favorite Internet sources.
* Highly Customizable Interface
Take advantage of the many interface settings to personalize Weather Watcher Live.

Home Page - http://www.singerscreations.com

Download links:

Download from Uploaded.net
Download from Rapidgator.net
Download from Extabit.com


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