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Princes`island tour

Princes`island tour

Travel and tourism

princes`island is the larget of the nine islands in the sea of marmara

Safar-turkey provides you with tour to the princes`island by air conditioned cars with Arabic and English speaking guide that will take you from the hotel by going to the harbor and ride in a private boat and then go to the princes island in Puyukada where there will be have your lunsh and then trip by horse car and in the summer you can swim at the wonderfull beaches of the island and then guide you to a tour that shows you the features of this famous island then you will have free time so you can shop and enjoy the beautiful views of the island and then return to Istanbul in your own boat

The services we have available in your travel

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Accommodation services in Turkey

safar turkey
International for all kinds of tourist reservations, hotels and fly in all Arab countries and best prices For more information please visit the company's website or through the company's offices in the Arab countries

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